Written by Coach Josh Shaw on Friday, 29 September 2017.

“Hope” is still alive and well in our field house and amongst the guys on our team.   Despite the record our football schedule shows, nobody is walking around with their head hanging low, nor is anybody walking around with a “quitter’s” attitude.    In today’s world, based on how things have gone so far this year, it would be so easy to just quit.  It would be so easy to just listen to what the outside world is saying about you and just quit.  It would be easy to see your friends going home every day after school, sleeping in on holidays, and realize you are on a team that has not won a game yet, and decide to just quit.   It would be easy to stop trusting in “the process” and just quit.  However, that is NOT the type of young men we have on this team, and for that I am encouraged and thankful.  I appreciate the parents of our players who have instilled that “no quit” attitude in their children.  Your sons have blessed our coaching staff and myself, as a result.

This week I came across something very applicable to our struggles this year on the football field.  You all know how much Jon Gordon’s books and messages bless me, and I thought this one was perfect for our team and our program.  Jon Gordon says,

Love the Struggle

because it makes you appreciate your accomplishments.
Love Challenges
because they make you stronger.  
Love Competition
because it makes you better.  
Love Negative People
because they make you more positive.  
Love Those Who Have Hurt You
because they teach you forgiveness.  
Love Fear
because it makes you courageous.

“Failing” at anything in life is not fun or comfortable.  However, we know as a result, it will make us better.  We still BELIEVE in that wholeheartedly.  Our guys are learning how to handle adversity in ways they’ve never experienced before.  Our coaches are learning how to handle adversity in ways we’ve never experienced before.  We are experiencing small victories each day, yet those victories for our team and our players may never show up on a scoreboard.  Our guys ARE GROWING and we are learning a lot in this somewhat of a disappointing season, up to this point.  Keep believing in our guys and keep supporting them.  They are resilient young men!


This week we welcome Etowah High School to Tommy Baker Field.  If you’ve been around Cherokee County for a while, you know how big a rivalry game this is each year.  This game was the first in-county rivalry for Cherokee County.  It continues today.  Last year, we threw a last minute pass for a TD and ended up snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.  This game changed the direction of our season last year, and propelled us on to some bigger and better things.   We need you there tonight.  We encourage you to be there early and be loud when you are there! 


I’ll leave you with one more thing.  No matter what obstacle you are facing in life, DON’T QUIT.  When others are telling you to give up and move on, DON’T QUIT.  When the easy way out calls out to you loud and clear, DON’T QUIT.  Love the challenges, the struggles, the competition, the negative people, the people that have hurt you, and love the fear you are faced with each waking moment.  Love all of these things, and be thankful the good Lord is taking you through this period of life.   Be thankful for what you learn in times like these.  In the end, you will be more experienced, more mature, and better able to help those around you succeed in the midst of the pain they may be facing in their lives.  Whatever you are going through, DON’T QUIT! 

About the Author

Coach Josh Shaw

Coach Josh Shaw

Josh Shaw is the Head Coach of the Cherokee High School Warriors Football Team.